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Do feel free to explore our page and shop for what you want and what you need!
We have just started our site, do let us know and suggest the brands that you would love to have and we will try our very best to bring them in. We hope to bring to you the sports apparels at affordable prices!

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Our philosophy

Make your body the sexiest outfit you own

All UPCLOSE products are selected and made with love, definitely comfortable, and makes you ooze with confidence. Talk about sexy....

Dance and you will evolve

Wear our products and feel like a million bucks. Shop with us for a variety of sports apparels needed. Currently focussing on pole fitness and aerial art. Slowly but surely, more brands and products will be all on our site.

We're dancers too.

Saw products from overseas website but the shipping cost more than the item itself? Let us know. We’ll do our best to bring into our sunny little island!

Pole Goals

UPCLOSE aspires to be the website locals go to for sports apparel in Asia by 2018, with our focus more on pole and aerial apparels. So we need all your help, tell us how we can improve and be better!